New left-wing government “opens Germany's door wide open”


Published 25 November 2021 at 20.30

Abroad. The new left-liberal government in Germany intends to implement a “paradigm shift” in migration policy. It launches new extremely generous rules that are believed to greatly increase third world immigration to the country.

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Christian Democrat Angela Merkel has become known around the world for her radical immigration policy.

Now Merkel's government is being replaced by a more left-liberal one – which intends to make conditions even more generous for the third world – immigrants.

The so-called traffic light coalition that takes control of Germany consists of the Social Democratic SPD, the Greens and the liberal FDP. The new Federal Chancellor will be the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

In addition to measures such as legalizing cannabis, the left-liberal coalition has announced a “paradigm shift” in migration policy, reports Bild.

One of the first measures is to allow younger illegal immigrants (under the age of 27) who are already in Germany to obtain a residence permit after three years in the country. As early as 1 January 2022, some people who have been in Germany for five years will have the right to stay.

Work bans for immigrants will be abolished completely and those who study may stay in the country indefinitely. The former government's so-called Anchor Center for Reception, Trial and Expulsion is abolished.

All immigrant women who have been subjected to domestic violence should also be able to obtain a permanent residence permit in the future.

Furthermore, immigrants who do not have ID documents should only have to take an “oath” that they are who they claim to be. <./p>

Even after five years in the country, immigrants must be granted German citizenship. For those who have shown a willingness to “integrate”, it will only take a three-year wait.

The new immigration policy is criticized in neighboring Denmark. The Danish ex-minister Karen Jespersen and the political commentator Ralf Pittelkow write in Den Korte Avis that the traffic light coalition “opens the doors for a massively increased non-western immigration”.

The duo states, among other things, that asylum seekers with the new the rules will have to stay in Germany regardless of whether they are granted asylum or not.

German policy is bad news for Denmark as well, Jespersen and Pittelkow write further. The western immigrant population is growing dramatically in Germany, it will also create more pressure on Danish society. “