Kia Niro, here is the new generation: still hybrid, Plug-in and electric


The new generation Kia Niro made its debut at the Seoul Mobility Show 2021. The Korean carmaker explains that its new crossover & egrave; been redesigned from the ground up and & quot; embodies its commitment to creating a brighter future; sustainable & quot ;. The new model will also be; always offered in hybrid, Plug-in and electric versions . Unfortunately, not many details have been given at the moment. Kia si & egrave; limited to showing the car without sharing information on its technical specifications.

There will be; however way to know more & ugrave; over the next few months given that the marketing & egrave; waiting for next year.


The new Niro & egrave; was developed according to the design philosophy & quot; Opposites United & quot; by Kia which expects the cars to feature a distinctive and impactful look that reflects the manufacturer's growing focus on electrification. The new crossover has several elements in common with the HabaNiro concept car that Kia had unveiled in 2019 starting with the two-tone bodywork.

The crossover also features a large C-pillar designed to improve airflow and thus aerodynamics. From the front stands the new & quot; tiger face & quot; extending from the hood to the fender. The lights are LED. Behind, however, boomerang-shaped optical groups appear.

Speaking of the interior, Kia highlights the use of sustainable materials . For example, the roof lining is; made with recycled wallpaper. For the seats, however, the Korean manufacturer used bio-polyurethane with Tencel made from eucalyptus leaves. BTX-free paint is used on the door panels to minimize environmental impact and reduce waste.

Inside the cabin stands out also the large panel which contains the instrumentation display and the infotainment display. A solution very similar to that of the Kia EV6. The manufacturer informs that the Plug-in models will be equipped with the & quot; & # 39; Greenzone Drive Mode & quot; function. In practice, it is a system that automatically activates the switch to mode; driving in electric only when necessary. The decision is made based on data from the navigator and the driver's driving history. The car switches to mode EV, for example, in residential areas, in green areas and in all those places where the driver is; I usually only use electric drive.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no information on the technical specifications. However, in the past rumors had emerged about an improvement in autonomy for the electric-only versions. All that remains is to wait to find out more.

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