Bureaucratic technicality behind vaccine requirements for the recovered


Published 26 November 2021 at 17.08

Domestic. The fact that the Swedish Public Health Agency requires vaccination even for those who have recovered from covid-19 is at least partly due to a bureaucratic “technicality” rather than a medical assessment. It emerged at the authority's press conference on Thursday.

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It was when the alternative media journalist Per Shapiro asked FHM why the authority introduces the same vaccine requirements and restrictions for the recovered as for the unvaccinated that the unit manager Sara Byfors admitted that the requirement has at least partly other causes than the medical ones.

– A technicality is that in order to get an approved covid pass for a completed infection, the sample needs to be taken in a special way. It must not be taken by yourself, as we have done largely in Sweden, so there would be very few who were involved in this, said Sara Byfors.

According to her, it is a conscious choice of FHM to completely try to get people to get vaccinated, even if the person who tests negative or has just recovered is not happy to spread any infection.

– We have chosen this the road. Not having either a history of infection or testing negatively, says Byfors.

Angled selection in study
The authority does not reject the scientific studies that show that history of infection provides more effective protection against covid-19 than vaccination, according to her.

When FHM produced data to measure how effective the vaccine was in preventing established covid-19, the authority chose to compare the number of detected infections during the week 44 – the same week that FHM advised vaccinated people with respiratory symptoms not to get vaccinated. A way to style the figures in favor of pharmaceutical companies, critics claim, and Sara Byfors admitted during Thursday's press conference that the authority could have done in a different way.

– Sure, you can do in different ways. But it is quite certain that the vaccination protects against becoming infected and passing on the infection, she said.