BMW presents the teaser of the M4 GT4. The Gran Turismo Championships await you


BMW anticipated the M4 GT4 of 2022 , the racing car dedicated to challenges Gran Turismo which will be available for teams starting next year, and did so through a teaser, a graphic sketch. The new racing car & egrave; based on the BMW M4 sedan of the G82 generation, but in a ready-to-race version it will flaunt; a body more & ugrave; aerodynamic with many appendages .

The body shapes are muscular with pronounced side skirts, large slits in the front wheel arches and a surfboard as a rear wing. At the end, there is also the quadruple loading terminal, split on the sides. Many of its appendages and aerodynamic parts will be composed of carbon. And no, unfortunately we can confirm that the tires will not be red.

Under the hood? The heart of the new M4 GT4 will be; the 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine , but while the model on which it is based, destined for the road, delivers 503 hp in the highest specification; sporty, the engine of the M4 GT4 will be & agrave; weakened to comply with regulations.

As you can imagine, the M4 GT4, ready to ride the tracks of the & quot; covered wheels & quot; championships, will have; a cockpit radically different from the standard M4 on which & egrave; built. No infotainment, sophisticated materials for the dashboard or heated seats. Here there will be; space only for the essential and for a cage that will render & agrave; safe the whole passenger compartment in case of strong impacts, accidents or rollovers. To this, the racing-style seats and all the on-board controls that the pilot can and will then be added to. use to control specific functions of the car during the race.

Details on prices and availability; have not yet been announced, but the previous generation model was priced at around & euro; 170,000 in Europe and & euro; 187,000 in the United States. Teams around the world are now ready to put their hand to their wallet.

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