Audi A6: the restyling of the sedan immortalized in the spy photos


After the restyling of the Audi A8 now is; time to redo the makeup of the sedan pi & ugrave; compact Audi A6. And for the occasion, some spy photos could not be missing, showing her on the street in the company of the test drivers, but with her face covered by a heavy layer of black camouflage makeup -White. These will soon fall as her exit & egrave; expected in the year 2022.

Meanwhile, we can see that the Audi A6, immortalized by photographers, shows the S-Line trim , how can you & ograve; note from the badge that is placed a little further; under the rear-view mirror, with large air intakes (fake, apart from perhaps the presence of small slits) positioned more externally on the face.

Slightly unpublished also seem the optical groups that should maintain the same shape of the current model but which will bring an internal luminous signature to outline the lower edge. In the face, all that remains is to report a slightly revised radiator grille in size.

In short, changes at the tip of your fingers that can also be seen in the tail, where we find a different bumper and optical groups with a new aesthetic . The cockpit will remain near and eacute; identical , with an overhaul for the infotainment system that will welcome & agrave; its latest software version.

There should also be no news under the thrusters chapter; of the last hour, with the German sedan that should draw on its usual range of engines composed of mild-hybrid petrol with powers from 200 to 340 hp. As we know, they respond & quot; present & quot; also Diesel , always aided by mild-hybrid technology, with powers starting from 163 HP (35 TDI) up to 286 HP (50 TDI).

The new Audi A6 should be released on the local Automotive market in 2022, with minor cosmetic changes that will almost certainly be added to the Station Wagon and all-road versions as well.

[Spy photos:]

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