The President proposes Magdalena Andersson – again


Published 25 November 2021 at 14.53

Domestic. Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén has today again proposed Magdalena Andersson (S) as Prime Minister. This time she wants to form a pure S-government.

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Magdalena Andersson was dismissed after only seven hours in the post of Prime Minister during Wednesday's turbulence in the Riksdag.

The Green Party's decision to leave the government necessitated a new prime ministerial vote.

Speaker Andreas Norlén spoke on Thursday by telephone with representatives of the Riksdag's parties, consulted with the Deputy Speakers and informed the King.

He then again proposed to the Riksdag to elect Magdalena Andersson as Prime Minister. The proposal was tabled the same day. The second vote will take place on Friday.

The vote on the new Prime Minister is scheduled to take place on Monday 29 November at 13.00.