SD leaders celebrate with champagne: “Biggest victory”


Published 24 November 2021 at 20.16

Domestic. The Sweden Democrats celebrated with champagne after getting their budget through the Riksdag today. This achievement is described as the party's “greatest victory since its formation”.

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Wednesday became a historic day in Swedish politics in several ways.

Among other things, a budget that the Sweden Democrats are behind was voted through for the first time in the Riksdag – thanks to the Center Party, which closed down their votes.

On Twitter, SD's official account thanks the C-leader for the help.

“Thank you Annie Lööf for letting our budget through!”

The party has posted several pictures on social media that show how party representatives such as Jimmie Åkesson, Mattias Karlsson and Björn Söder celebrate with champagne.

“The Sweden Democrats' biggest victory since the formation is a fact. Today is a good day” , Mattias Karlsson writes on Facebook.