Porsche: a new seven-seater SUV is coming


Soon Porsche Cayenne and Macan may have a twin & hellip; with more; available space. The reproaches of the & quot; porscisti & quot; more fond of the German horse, resembling the lamentations of Dante's souls, who murmur with a rancorous voice and who still have not managed to forgive Porsche for having given birth to a sports car with & quot; high wheels & quot ;.

And yet in that Stuttgart thinks the time is right to bring another SUV to marketwith significant ground clearance and also particularly spacious, capable of accommodating up to seven seats. Style? According to the latest & quot; rumors & quot; Americans, some selected US-made dealerships would already have; given a look at the first sketches of the new SUV, bringing back a hybrid aesthetic; between sedan, with significant ground clearance, and crossover. In short, a nice mix with many ingredients mixed to try to put something unique and recognizable with the Porsche brand on the market.

In addition to the important ground clearance, to be able to boast of being an SUV, there is; also a bodywork which appears to be borrowed from the Panamera with a tail that could resume the already aesthetic family feeling; known and seen on the older sister Cayenne.

Pay attention to & ograve ;, given the large size of the car it seems that this may favor the Chinese and American markets compared to our own and, again according to rumors scattered around the network, the platform will be; branded Audi and derived from the Artemis Project. This focused on producing and developing the new VW group platforms and dedicated to the great premium and electrified flagships.

The engines ? Precisely driven or supported by the electron, with a clear predisposition towards Plug-in hybrid engines, then rechargeable with an external plug, and then leave room for 100% electric versions with autonomy of nearly 700 km/h. The expected release is far away. The new model could see the light not before 2026. There & # 39; & egrave; still time to see this project change, revolutionize itself. Or get rid of it altogether.

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