Nordea distances itself from its own vaccine analysis with Nazi reference


Published 25 November 2021 at 17.14

Domestic. Storbanken Nordea distances itself from its own analysis, which expressed bitter criticism of the vaccination and coronary restrictions, reports Dagens Industri.

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The analysis, “Papers please, and how to trade them”, was published on Sunday on Nordea's website.

The bank's analysts wrote sarcastically about the seemingly endless so-called restrictions introduced for to prevent corona spread.

“It used to be called that it takes two weeks to flatten the curve, but somehow it has evolved to be about imprisoning the unvaccinated (or worse),” it said, among other things.

Analysts also stated that the vaccine is “obviously so good that you have to force people to take it”.

The analysis also refers to the Nuremberg trials, which the victorious powers in World War II held against leading representatives of defeated Nazi Germany.

“Apart from the lessons learned from the Nuremberg trials regarding bodily integrity, informed choices, the impact on civil liberties, and so on (who cares?), Decisions on closures, vaccine coercion, and more involve costs,” the analysis said.

On Wednesday, Nordea chose to download the analysis from its website. The liberal Finnish Member of Parliament Mikko Kärnä had then questioned “what the hell” Nordea was doing, and stated on Twitter that he was “shocked” by what the bank wrote.

The bank writes in a reply to DI that the analysis was taken down because it does not reflect the bank's “official opinion”. It has also “initiated an internal review of the content”, writes Nordea.