Fastned stations arrive inside the Tesla navigator


Good news for European Tesla users and, in particular, those who live in the Netherlands, Germany and other countries in which & egrave; present the Fastned charging network . In fact, from this week all the fast-charging stations of this network are present in the navigator maps of the electric cars of the American manufacturer. This novelty has brought some advantages. Basically, it will be; obviously it is possible to identify these stations and find out the maximum power delivered.

The most important thing; interesting, for & ograve ;, & egrave; that by setting the navigator to get to one of these recharging points, before arriving at the destination, the car will preheat & agrave; the battery to allow you to obtain the best performance in terms of charging. This is a procedure that the vehicle normally carries out before recharging at the Superchargers.

Currently, the Fastned network can do so. count on 164 fast charging stations in 5 European countries. No problem for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y since they support the CCS connector as standard. For Model S and Model X, however, you need a special adapter.

This novelty no longer surprising; from time to time since the two companies & agrave; already collaborate; time ago. Tesla, in fact, with Fastned has worked for the construction of large charging stations in which there are both Superhargers and columns for all other electric cars. Is not serious; however the first time that the American manufacturer adds third-party charging points inside its navigator. In America, for example, EVgo stations have been introduced.

For European users, however, this is good news as Fastned's network is; considered one of the most & ugrave; interesting. Network that & egrave; expanding with projects for the creation of stations also within the other European countries where Fastned is not yet; present, as in France where this company & agrave; won a tender. In Italy, at the moment, there are still no stations on this network.

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