Electricity prices: Swedes return to burning in the stove


Published 25 November 2021 at 06.52

Domestic. One in five Swedes states that they will burn more in the stove due to high electricity prices, shows a new survey.

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About 20 percent of those surveyed in the insurance company If's survey believe that they will burn more in the stove this winter than before – due to the high electricity prices.

However, there are risks with increased heating, states If.

According to statistics from MSB, every eighth house fire in the last three years has started in a fireplace or boiler.

– Now begins the time of year when most fires occur. The colder it gets outside, the more fires inside. Many will fire in their stoves. Improper firing can easily lead to fire or soot fire. Should the accident occur, it is important that there is a fire extinguisher close at hand, so that you have a chance to extinguish it before the fire has spread, says Jenny Rudslätt, claims manager at If, in a press release.