EICMA 2021: electric scooters, microcars and battery exchange … and the hybrid motorcycle? | Video


At EICMA 2021 & egrave; great space has been given to mobility; electric . By going to the Fair we were able to see how motorcycle manufacturers are looking more and more attention to the electrification of two wheels. Obviously, appropriate clarifications must be made. For scooters and small city motorbikes the future is; definitely under the banner of electric. Current technology makes it possible to create interesting products for urban use with brilliant performance, adequate autonomy and reduced running costs.

In addition, the manufacturers have realized that you have to put a lot of emphasis on simplicity; of use and for this reason we have noticed how many new models have removable batteries that can be safely recharged at home. Think, for example, of the Silence S01 Plus electric scooter . The accumulator can be easily extract and thanks to a handle and two small wheels, you can & ograve; carry it around like a trolley. Removable batteries also for the new NIU RQi Sport electric motorcycle , a model always designed for urban use.

NIU, the new RQI SPORT electric motorcycle and all the news? of EICMA 2021 15

Moto 23 Nov

And to further simplify the management of small battery-powered two-wheelers, several manufacturers are thinking about using battery swap systems . The exchange of batteries for electric scooters could be an interesting solution to push on their diffusion within the cities. At EICMA, for example, we saw Kymko's IONEX scooters , available in various versions and all compatible with a battery swap system.

Silence S04, the electric microcar arrives in Italy. All the news of EICMA 21

Auto 23 Nov

To facilitate mobility; urban, especially in big cities, various electric microcars are arriving on the market. These are battery-powered quadricycles that can accommodate up to 2 people on board and are able to offer good performance. At EICMA there was, for example, Silence S04 which in the L7e version can & ograve; reach 90 km/h and have a range of 149 km. The interesting thing is; which uses the same batteries as the Silence scooters. Accumulators that can be taken out and then recharged at home. In Spain, Silence S04 can & ograve; it can also be used in conjunction with a battery swap service.

As for electric motorcycles, the speech is; more complex because & eacute; the technology probably isn't; still mature to be able to create a model truly equivalent to an endothermic one. There is still a lot of work to be done on the batteries and charging. At EICMA 2021, however, we were able to appreciate Lacama, the Italian Volt electric motorcycle , a brand that & egrave; it was purchased at the beginning of the year by Tazzari who presented various novelties at the Fair. The bike offers good performance and aims to offer a range of around 200 km but we are still a long way from models suitable for long journeys.

Italian Volt Lacama returns to life at EICMA 2021 thanks to Tazzari 9

Moto 22 Nov

What if the future of motorcycles was in the hybrid? Vitesco Technologies was present at EICMA 2021 and is experimenting with a hybrid motorcycle to reduce emissions and consumption. And among the solutions for mobility more smart we mention Repower DINAclub , a charging network dedicated to pedal assisted bicycles, created in collaboration with komoot. It is a club that gathers facilities and locations equipped with a Repower charging tool where people can go to recharge their eBike.


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