Deportations of African peoples are stopped


Published 25 November 2021 at 10.12

Domestic. The Swedish Migration Agency has decided to stop all deportations of people of Tigranian ethnicity to Ethiopia. The background, according to the authority, is reports of ethnic profiling, deprivation of liberty and abuses against Tigranes in Ethiopia outside Tigray.

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– According to the last week's information, the situation for people of Tigrean ethnicity has further deteriorated in the country, says Carl Bexelius, legal director at the Swedish Migration Board, in a statement.

In line with the Tigray forces' success In the war in Ethiopia, the state of emergency and the growing threat to the government, the ethnic profiling and deprivation of liberty of tigers outside Tigray has intensified, according to the Swedish Migration Board.


– It is currently not possible to assess with certainty what the situation for the group is or how it will develop in the short and long term. In light of the rapid development of events, we estimate that no expulsion or deportation decisions of people of Tigranian ethnicity can currently be enforced in Ethiopia, says Carl Bexelius.

Today, there are over 400 open cases concerning return to Ethiopia. It is not possible to say how many of them may be covered by the new legal position.

– The Swedish Migration Board does not keep statistics on asylum seekers' ethnicity. Who is affected by the decision is therefore something that needs to be investigated in each individual case, says Carl Bexelius.