The scooters of Voi Technology already? in compliance with the new Italian legislation


The Government has established new regulations for the use of electric scooters in Italy. Rules that also concern the technical equipment of these vehicles as well as the future obligation of the presence of direction indicators. Voi Technology is, today, in Italy, the only operator offering sharing services of electric scooters to be already; in accordance with with the new provisions. Its fleet of 2,000 scooters already respects; 100% new technical requirements.

Currently & egrave; in use the model Voiager 4 which already disposes; of double arrows and double brakes. Developed in-house in the company's Stockholm charging center, this scooter is in service in Italy since April 2021. But there & # 39; & egrave; more & ugrave ;. During the fifth National Conference on Sharing Mobility which was held turning point at the Roman Aquarium, Voi Technology has announced the launch of new features; which are in line with the new regulation.


The company announced the & rsquo; initiative & ldquo; End Of Ride Picture & rdquo; to promote conscientious parking. In fact, at the end of each ride, users are asked to photograph how and where they parked the scooter, to avoid 'wild' parking lots. In addition, on the map of the app, as well as being able to see the areas where the parking of the scooters is; prohibited, all the areas where parking is also indicated; recommended , or where there are bicycle racks or parking areas for motorcycles.

Voi Technology also launched the & ldquo; Report a Voi initiative & rdquo;, thanks to which anyone, user or not, can & ograve; report to the team a scooter that is poorly parked or that obstructs an access road. Following the report, the company team & agrave; will provide & agrave; to move it. The company also aims to prevent its scooters from being driven in a state of intoxication. For this reason, every night from one to four between Fridays & igrave; and on Saturday and between Saturday and Sunday & egrave; active the & quot; Reaction test & quot ;.

The rules for scooters change, interview with Voi Technology Italia 257

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When the scooter is unlocked, it will be; required to play a short game through the smartphone in which you have to & quot; capture & quot; helmets that appear on the screen.

The system will calculate; the reaction time and, if this does not coincide with the average of a person in a state of lucidity, the app adviser & agrave; to use another means more & ugrave; safe, like a taxi.

Finally, the company & agrave; which deals with sharing has announced the launch of the & quot; Impact Dashboard & quot ;, an in-app solution that informs users about the positive impact their scooter trip has had on the environment. Currently, Voi's scooters are present in Turin, Milan, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Rome. Magdalena Krenek , General Manager Italy of Voi Technology, on the arrival of this novelty; she commented:

Only by providing a secure service will we be able to innovate mobility; in favor of the city more sustainable and livable. Voi Technology & egrave; state-of-the-art with vehicles and functionality; who anticipated by months what was established with the new law on scooters. We will continue to propose new solutions to ensure the safety of both our users and all the other actors on the road.

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