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The Green Party leaves the government


Published 24 November 2021 at 16.55

Domestic. The Green Party leaves the government – with reference to refusing to govern with a “blue-brown” SD budget.
– We must be able to face our voters, says Märta Stenevi (MP).

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Earlier today, the Green Party threatened to leave the government if the Center Party passed the budget from SD, M and KD.

In the afternoon, the opposition parties' budget went through in the Riksdag, and shortly afterwards the MP called a press conference .

– The Riksdag has voted for a budget that has been negotiated by a right-wing extremist party, and that is something we deeply regret, said spokesman Per Bolund.

Märta Stenevi explained that the Center Party has now released a “blue-brown budget reservation that we are expected to control”.

– Despite the fact that we responded to C's demands, they have chosen to release an SD-supported budget at the last minute , she continued.

The party has now unanimously decided that it “can not sit in a government that is forced to implement a policy that SD has transformed”.

– We must be able to see our voters in the eyes and feel pride, said Stenevi.

The Green Party will, however, continue to tolerate Magdalena Andersson (S) as Prime Minister you, according to the mouthpieces.