SVT frog: Per Bolund calls “language ass”


Published November 24, 2021 at 5:56 pm

Media. In its reporting on the chaos in the Riksdag today, SVT's news anchor happened to call the Green Party's spokesman Per Bolund “language ass” – something that arouses cheerful faces.
– A Freudian mistake, states evil voices on social media.

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First Magdalena Andersson became prime minister, then the SD budget was voted through in the Riksdag and finally the Green Party announced that they were leaving the government.

It has been chaotic in Swedish politics on Wednesday – something that even the stressed SVT employees who reported on the events live got to feel. p>

– We can hear what the Green Party's language ass … concerns … Per Bolund said, read her wording.

“Freudian error”
A clip from the broadcast is spread on social media and has attracted sarcastic comments suitable for sprinkling salt in the wounds of the Green Party, which is so humiliated below./p>

“I laughed out loud! Poor thing”, tweets another.