Suzuki thinks of a new compact SUV: sar? the Suzuki Swift Cross?


In the beginning there was the Suzuki Ignis that prided itself on being a small-SUV at & # 39 ; within the Japanese range. To tell the truth, without straining too much gaze and trying to avoid marketing networks, the Ignis is more what else a city car with ambitions; (absolutely dignified) off-road vehicles.

Finally in that of Suzuki they would be ready to launch in the range a real small compact SUV , taking the best-selling Suzuki Swift and equipping it with more ground clearance. considerable. According to the latest & quot; rumors from the web & quot; the newborn should be based on the pi & ugrave; sporty among the Swifts, the Sport version , thus taking the name of Suzuki Swift Cross .

As a dowry, there will be & agrave; the Heartect platform by Suzuki, with an original style that will allow it & agrave; to differentiate themselves from the sister cars of the brand, while maintaining a certain family feeling and, obviously, increased but still contained proportions so as not to embarrass drivers who want to find parking even in the most urban jungles; chaotic.

Under the aesthetic chapter we can venture to write a paragraph made up of & quot; plastic coverings to adorn the bodywork, a plasticky skid plate and an internal cockpit always made of plastics but comfortable and spacious. Our rear guests will have good head, leg and shoulder room. In short, a decent interior space as you would expect from an SUV, even if compact.

What will move it? It is well specify that we are based on rumors, but if we listen to these & quot; drafts from the web & quot; we can see that the engine will be & agrave; the same as the Swift Sport , then a hybrid powerplant with, on the one hand, the 1.4-liter turbo engine and, on the other, a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. On the palm of the hand it will be; brought the AllGrip AWD system to help us on our forays through rough and slippery roads.

< p> For the moment, the papabile date for its release is; on 2024 . And yes. I know what you are thinking. Since Toyota and Suzuki are continuing their collaboration, it is not; it is to be excluded that the Suzuki Swift Cross could also follow in the footsteps traced by Suzuki Across and Suzuki Swace which are, in fact, almost rebranded versions of Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Corolla Sport Tourer respectively. The progenitor? Maybe the Toyota Yaris Cross.

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