Magdalena Andersson resigns – after seven hours as Prime Minister


Published 24 November 2021 at 18.19

Domestic. This morning, Magdalena Andersson (S) was elected Prime Minister. She has now requested to be dismissed from the post, and the President has granted her request.

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Magdalena Andersson was only allowed to be prime minister for just over seven hours – at least for this time.

The background to the S-leader's request for dismissal is that the Green Party has announced that it is leaving the government in protest against the “blue-brown” SD + M + KD budget going through in the Riksdag.

– According to practice, a coalition government should resign if a party leaves the government. My assessment is that the same must apply when the Riksdag has elected a new Prime Minister, but the government has not taken office, says Magdalena Andersson according to Aftonbladet.

Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén has received and approved Magdalena Andersson's request for dismissal from the position as Prime Minister.

“The Speaker will now contact the party leaders to discuss the situation and will return with information about the continued process on Thursday afternoon”, the Riksdag writes in a press release.

new prime ministerial vote is held. However, the Green Party has announced that it will continue to tolerate Magdalena Andersson as Prime Minister.