Magdalena Andersson new Prime Minister


Published November 24, 2021 at 10.03

Domestic. Magdalena Andersson became the new Prime Minister when the support for appointing her to the post was tested in a vote in the Riksdag today. Thus, she becomes Sweden's first female prime minister.

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Less than 175 members voted against Magdalena Andersson and Speaker Andreas Norlén clubs through the decision.

– When it comes to the prime ministerial vote, I can only apologize, says Oscar Sjöstedt, economic policy spokesperson for SD, in the Riksdag.

However, S does not get through its budget, which means that Andersson will be forced to govern with an SD-supported budget instead.

It is the Center Party that has announced that it does not will release the S budget, but instead give support to Andersson as Prime Minister.

– We are not prepared to take responsibility for the entire budget presented by the government, says Annie Lööf (C).

This means that it is most likely the M, KD, SD budget that will be hammered through this afternoon.

– S has now been given some routine of governing on another budget. But now we have to ride this out until the election next year, and hope that we get a more stable situation then, says Sjöstedt.