Cadillac LYRIQ in the final stage of development. In production from the first quarter of 2022


Production of the new Cadillac LYRIQ electric crossover will start in Q1 of 2022 . The American brand has decided to share an update on the development path of its new battery-powered model. According to what & egrave; was communicated, the engineers have completed 80% of the validation path of the new car. This means that they can now concentrate on final tuning of the electric crossover before its production starts.

To continue the development of this new model, the automaker is testing pre-production cars on different routes and in different traffic conditions. Cadillac designed itineraries that included rural, urban and highway sections. The engineers were thus able to test the LYRIQ in real conditions to evaluate the driving dynamics, the calibration of the systems and all those elements that have a direct impact on the vehicle's use experience.

Simulations in virtual environments also contribute to the development of the crossover. For the road tests, the development team is & egrave; pushed all the way to New Zealand. Cadillac si & egrave; said she was particularly satisfied with the use of the Ultium platform which made it possible to achieve a low center of gravity, a high rigidity; of the frame and a weight distribution of almost 50/50.


The new Cadillac LYRIQ will be; produced within the General Motors plant located in Spring Hill, Tennessee. At launch, it will be; offered only in the special Debut Edition which already has sold out (unofficially there was talk of 1,500 units & agrave;). However, the American brand has announced that reservations for the electric crossover will reopen next summer.

This model, please note, measures 4.996 mm length x 1.977 width x 1.623 mm height, with a wheelbase of 3.094 mm. The powertrain & egrave; composed of a single electric motor (Ultium Drive) with 255 kW and 440 Nm of torque . To power it, a 100.4 kWh battery that allows a range of up to 480 km. The accumulator can be recharged in direct current up to a power of 190 kW and in alternating current up to 19.2 kW. Prices start at $ 59,990.

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