SD politician arrested for mass murder


Published 21 November 2021 at 14.18

Domestic. Anders Eberhardt, 59, local politician for the Sweden Democrats in Nyköping, has been arrested on probable cause on suspicion of murder.

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Eberhardt, who has been a member of the Nyköping City Council for SD since 2012, was arrested this week after being arrested in his absence.

On Saturday, he was arrested on suspicion of murder and crime against griftefrid.

He is suspected of having murdered a man in his 60s whose body parts have been found in various places in Stockholm.

SD's press secretary Christian Krappedal comments on the matter in the following way for SVT News Sörmland:

– It is extremely unpleasant information and we take the situation very seriously. The person's membership is frozen as the police investigate the suspicion of crime. Otherwise, we await the legal process before further action.

Anders Eberhardt's lawyer Louise Gunven states that the SD politician disputes Saturday's arrest decision. However, she does not want to comment on what Eberhardt has said in interrogation or whether he denies the crime.

– The investigation is at such an early stage. We will thus not go into details or what he has said in interrogation, including the attitude, Louise Gunven says to SVT.

Prosecution must be brought on December 20.