SD invited young victims of humiliation to the Riksdag


Published 21 November 2021 at 17.48

Domestic. Member of Parliament Tobias Andersson (SD) held a seminar this week on “youth robbery with anti-Swedish motives” in the Riksdag. Three young people who were subjected to humiliation by immigrants were present.

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The seminar was arranged by Tobias Andersson's parliamentary network against anti-Swedishness.

Among the participants were three young people who had been subjected to anti-Swedish humiliation violence and who had been invited to Stockholm by SD.

One of them was Kenny Friberg, who was subjected to a bestial robbery by an immigrant gang that lasted for six hours. Among other things, he had a pistol pressed into his mouth and a cola bottle run up his ass. Afterwards, Kenny was convicted of “inciting” the perpetrators when they sat and mocked him in the courtroom.

– I had to move from my hometown and change my name. I found my safety in a bulletproof vest, said Kenny Friberg during the seminar. that the support from the public sector was inadequate “, Tobias Andersson concludes after the seminar and continues.

” All also agreed that it was a betrayal of other parties to ignore the seminar. None of the 287 members from other parties took the time to show up to show the boys their support. “

Björn Söder (SD), vice chairman of the network against anti-Swedishness was also present.