Every other person is doubly vaccinated


Published 21 November 2021 at 7.20 pm

Domestic. Of those confirmed infected with covid-19 last week, almost half were double-vaccinated, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's latest weekly report. In the case of corona deaths, a very large majority are still vaccinated.

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During week 45, 5,833 confirmed cases of covid-19 were reported in Sweden, which is 15 percent more than week 44.

Of the confirmed cases during the week, 3,270 were unvaccinated, which corresponds to 56 percent, writes FHM.

A total of 21 new intensive care patients with confirmed covid-19 were reported during week 45. Of these, 9 people were unvaccinated, ie 43 percent.

As for deceased, a large majority were vaccinated during week 43, the last week reported due to the delay in reporting, For this week, so far 30 confirmed cases have been reported dead. Of these, only 4 were unvaccinated, corresponding to 13 percent.