ABF finances left-wing extremist book fair


Published November 21, 2021 at 1:45 pm

Domestic. The left-wing extremist book fair, “Radikal Bokmässa”, takes place this weekend in Gothenburg. Several criminal AFA profiles are in place and, as usual, the event is funded by ABF, reports Avmaskerat.

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The housing fair, which is organized by the Syndicalist Forum and the “feminist and multicultural” Women's Folk High School, runs for three days.

The posters advertising the fair show a picture of a burning police car and the message “Acab” (“All cops are bastards”).

Among the speakers are veterans within AFA such as Nina Sørensen and Jonathan Pye. The latter was sentenced to a long prison term after being one of the initiators of the left-wing extremist riots in Gothenburg in 2001.

After being released from prison, Pye in Expressen described his view on killing dissidents.

– It is important for us, not for moral reasons, but for practical reasons not to kill anyone – because it would not be worth it at the moment.

Pye is also one of the co-founders of AFA Red Deer Collective, which sells pro-violence and left-wing extremist propaganda. Unmasked. However, the store has been low after Avmaskerat revealed Runvall's leading role in the whole thing. Mats Runvall is married to Dagens Nyheter profile Kristina Lindquist.

In April, Fria Tider reported that ABF fired a leisure leader after he told them he had voted for the Sweden Democrats.

ABF is close to the Social Democrats and receives close to half a billion tax dollars in government grants each year.