Opel Astra, will there be? also a Cross variant? We imagine it so?


The new generation of the Opel Astra is was recently presented and we also already have; got to see her up close. We also know that it will soon arrive; the Sports Tourer variant , that is; the Station Wagon. In 2023 it will be; then the turn of the 100% electric variant of which, at the moment, very little is known. Apparently, however, the automaker is working on a further variant of the car known internally as & quot; OV542 & quot ;.

It would be the new & quot; Astra Cross & quot ;, a version with & quot; high wheels & quot; with a more style; close to crossovers.

DEBUT IN 2023?

From what & egrave; emerged, the starting point would be that of the future new Opel Astra Sports Tourer. If it really will come on the market, it could compete with the likes of the Ford Focus Active, just to name a well-known name. The choice to focus on a crossover style model it wouldn't be strange given the success these cars are having. The major differences compared to the Station Wagon would concern a greater ground clearance and a more ugrave look; massive.

So we also tried to imagine what this model might look like. The result & egrave; the render you can see. The engines will most likely be the ones already; present on the new Opel Astra. Therefore, the Plug-in hybrid powertrains should not be missing either. It will be also electric? Soon to tell. First, it will be; It is important to get more information on the development of the new Opel Cross to better understand the manufacturer's plans.

When could it arrive? It is rumored that it could debut on the market in 2023 at the same time as the 100% electric model or maybe just before.


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