Car inspection: the increase starts from November 1st. Partial refund for a few


Starting November 1st 2021 scatter & agrave; the increase in the cost of the overhaul of 9.95 euros plus; VAT which correspond to 12.14 euros. In practice, by going to an authorized workshop, you will pay € 79.02 instead of the previous € 66.88. This is an increase that motorists did not like at all that had been decided about a year ago at the time of the approval of the 2021 Budget Law.

The increase was to go into effect immediately but to try to patch up this decision that had angered motorists not a little, the Government decided to offer a partial refund for the people who should have pay car overhaul with the increase. Obviously, in order to be able to provide the reimbursement, a specific measure was needed. In addition to this, & egrave; it was necessary to create a telematic infrastructure to manage this bonus.

Precisely because of these needs, the tariff increase of the revisions is; been postponed to November 1st. This measure that makes the increase in the cost of overhauling 'more; bearable & quot; this might seem like a good thing, too bad the funds available are very limited . It means that they will not be enough for everyone, indeed, for very few.


The government has renamed this discount the & quot; Safe Vehicle Coupon & quot ;. Where and when will he be able to be required? Through a special online platform of which, at the moment, there is no; trace. However, it will have to be made available within 60 days from the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette. This means by December 21, 2021.

At that point scatter & agrave; the classic & quot; click day & quot; as the 4 million euros allocated (per year) will be enough for about 402 thousand applicants . It must be said, in this regard, that it will be possible to requires only one reimbursement per vehicle. Although this system should last 3 years, if today a citizen requests a refund for the overhaul of his car, he will not be able to & agrave; more request it between two. Also, if a person owns more & ugrave; of a car, can & agrave; always and only ask for a refund.

In any case, as mentioned before, the funds are like this; limited that will really be enough for a small part of all those who every year have to bring their car to carry out the mandatory periodic inspection. Once the platform will go online, you can & agrave; access using the SPID , the identity card electronics (Cie) or the national service card (Cns). At that point it will be necessary to & agrave; fill out a form and hope to be among the top 402,000 applicants.

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