AIR ONE, new eVTOL for personal use: will it arrive? in 2024


The eVTOL industry continues to prove itself more and more; dynamic. Alongside companies that intend to build electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to provide, in the future, passenger or freight transport services, there are also realities; who intend to build aircraft of this type to be offered to individuals for personal use . This is serious; the case, for example, of the Israeli startup AIR which recently presented its & quot; AIR ONE & quot ;.

The company & agrave; has already & agrave; started accepting pre-orders even if the prices will be communicated at the beginning of 2022. It will be; mainly sold on the American market. AIR, in fact, has been working for two years with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to obtain the necessary certifications by the end of 2023. Deliveries should begin in the course of 2024.


Not a lot of details have been released about the new. We know that & egrave; was designed to be very simple to use. The idea is that thanks to the software called & quot; fly by intent & quot ;, buyers will be able to fly without having to be trained pilots. This software, in fact, is; was developed to manage complex functions and navigation functions. Among the safety features there is; a system based on artificial intelligence that carries out frequent checks on functionality; of the aircraft.

AIR ONE weighs 970 kg and is; capable of carrying up to 2 passengers for an additional maximum weight of 200 kg. It has 4 electric motors with double propeller. Overall, there are 782 hp (575 kW) available. The speed maximum reaches 255 km/h, the cruising one at 161 km/h. The manufacturer declares a range of up to 177 km or up to an hour of flight. There are no details on the battery, but the startup only lets you know that a full tank of energy is done in 60 minutes (30 minutes to go from 20% to 80%).

To allow you to be & quot; parked & quot; easily, the wings are retractable. The company expects to sell up to 15 thousand units. per year. In 2020, the Israeli startup raised $ 10 million to carry out its project. Currently, it is raising new funds to pass the FAA certification process.

Will these aircraft truly become a new form of mobility? We will find out over the next few years.

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