The Swedish Migration Agency tracks down fewer asylum seekers


Published October 25, 2021 at 10:57 AM

Domestic. The Swedish Migration Agency's forecast for how many are expected to seek asylum in Sweden in 2021 and 2022 will be written down further. One of the reasons, according to the authority, is that it “will continue to be difficult to get to Sweden”.

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After the application of the rules on safe countries of origin began at the end of May, the number of asylum seekers, mainly from Mongolia and Georgia, has decreased.

This, together with continued travel restrictions in the wake of the pandemic, has led to the number of asylum cases received so far this year being close to the lower scenario in the July forecast. Therefore, the Swedish Migration Agency adjusts the forecast's planning assumption over the number of asylum seekers by 1,000 to about 12,000 asylum seekers for this year and by 2,000 to about 16,000 for next year.

which is characterized by a great deal of uncertainty.

– We see that there are strong driving forces for Afghan citizens to leave Afghanistan. Apart from the international evacuation effort, there have not yet been any major movements out of the country. Since 2015, it has also become significantly more difficult for migrants to enter Europe. However, we expect a certain increase in the number of Afghan citizens seeking asylum in Sweden both this year and in the coming years, says Henrik Holmer, head of planning at the Swedish Migration Board, in a mailing.

In light of the uncertain security situation in Afghanistan, the Swedish Migration Board decided in July to suspend all deportations and deportations to the country. The Chief Justice also decided to pause all rejection decisions in Afghan asylum cases. Work is now underway to develop a new judicial system that will guide the examination of Afghan cases. Pending new legal guidance, the forecast does not take into account any changes in approval rates or any increased scope of new review.

The Swedish Migration Agency has been commissioned to transfer as many as 6,400 so-called quota transfers from the third world to Sweden in 2021. transferred approximately 4,400 people, of which just over 650 people came within the framework of the Swedish evacuation effort in Afghanistan.

– Continued efforts are underway to be able to transfer more Afghan citizens in need of protection to Sweden. In addition to this, several delegation selections are planned before the end of the year with the goal of filling this year's refugee quota, says Henrik Holmer.