Timbuktu teaches Norway: “Racist”


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Published October 24, 2021 at 13.03

Abroad. It is “racist” to – as is done in Norway and Denmark – talk about “the Swedish state”. This is stated by the artist Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité on Norwegian television.

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“The Swedish state” is a common deterrent in our neighboring countries to describe the degenerate immigrant-related social development in Sweden.

Left-wing artist Jason Diakité, 46, is now storming the term in an interview with Norwegian TV2.

– I know where that expression comes from. It is about turning to multiculturalism and diversity and saying: “Look, a perfectly functioning ideal society has now been destroyed by the fact that you let people from other countries in”, says “Timbuktu” in the interview.

He continues :

– There is no way that the use of an expression like “the Swedish state” is not racist.

“Timbuktu” is known for his song Svarta Duvor & amp; Wither Lilies which is about “pounding” SD leader Jimmie Åkesson “yellow and blue” and hanging him in a flagpole and attacking Sweden Democrats with iron pipes and putting them “in a coma”.