Putin: The PK politicians in the West are like the Bolsheviks


Published 23 October 2021 at 20.53

Abroad. Western rulers are dangerously close to committing crimes against humanity when they change the sex of children for ideological reasons. And whatever they claim, their attempt to crush the nuclear family and create a completely equal society is not the least bit new, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
& nbsp; – All that we feel is Russian again from the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, he says during a conference.

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“In the United States and parts of Europe, some believe that it is a good thing to engage in reverse discrimination, rewriting one's own history and denying that children have a mother and a father, or even denying the existence of biological sex,” he said. Putin and continued:

– They are free. They are masters in their own house. But we have a different starting point. In Russian society, a clear majority believes that our actions should be compatible with the history and culture that our multi-ethnic country shares.

For Putin, the progressive leaders of the Western world are happy to continue their cultural Marxist experiments. They have taken power in their countries and obviously believe that they are contributing something new and positive. But he's not a fan of what they do.

– We'll see how successful they become. But their recipes are not new. All that – which may surprise some – is something we recognize in Russia, in our history where the 1917 Bolshevik revolution was based on Marx and Engels' dogma that society's social and political structures would be reshaped, traditions and human relations would be broken down and that one would even crush the nuclear family, Putin stated, continuing:

– And just like today, they presented what they were doing as “development” and actually managed to get a lot of support around the world.

But there are more similarities between today's politically correct and the traditional communists, says Putin.

– The Bolsheviks were completely intolerant of dissidents, in a way reminiscent of what we see in today's West. The methods used there today are something we wish we had left far behind. It is painful to see how the classic Western works such as Shakespeare are no longer taught in schools. They are considered outdated and unable to shed light on gender issues and other issues that Hollywood and movies are much better at, such as having enough colored people and women represented in each film.

– But this new culture of abuse results in reverse discrimination. It is a racism that goes in the other direction, Putin stated.

While most Russians do not care what skin color or gender you have, the gender equality debate in some Western countries has derailed in pure madness, according to the Russian president.

– There you want to destroy or dismantle the whole idea that there are men and women. They talk about Parents 1 and 2, and “birth parent” instead of mother and so on. They want to replace the word breastfeeding with “feeding with human milk” and the like. It's completely insane. With this new language, they have imagined that they will be able to influence people's consciousness. Sometimes children, even at a young age, are told that they have a choice where they can choose whether they want to be a boy or a girl.

– Is a child really capable of making such a decision? It is almost like a crime against humanity, and everything is done under the slogan “development”. But if they now like to do this, let them do it and we'll see what happens.

Putin is once again calling for “sound conservatism” based on proven solutions and traditions. Such a person must be able to distinguish between large and small, reward family and childbearing and shape his political goals based on what is best for each country's inhabitants. And then all forms of extremism must be rejected, according to Putin.

– But conservatism will change. The basic principle that all doctors know – do nothing that can harm – is something we must take into account. We remember our history and our past, we know that the price of brutal and rapid change can be very high. Behind it can leave a moral abyss on which nothing can be built.

According to Vladimir Putin, countries must cooperate, but that does not mean the abolition of nation states. Instead, Putin believes, the pandemic shows that the sovereign states are still the real player in the international arena, and that supported international organizations are not high on the agenda when it really matters.

This is evident, he says, from the fact that both the United States and Europe closed the door to international cooperation when the pandemic struck, and that they imposed export restrictions and confiscated each other's protective equipment and the like as the crisis approached.

Putin points out that globalists often describe nation states as a kind of obstacle to prosperity, but he does not agree.

– Those who claim it are people who want open borders to be able to use their competitive advantages and gain influence over others . But as soon as someone who is more successful than them appears, they close the boundaries again, including their own boundaries. They give up their ideals and start building walls again. Everyone can see it, it's nothing strange and nothing secret.

– Only independent states can solve this kind of problem. Every new world order must be based on countries being independent and emphasizing the importance of national independence, not fighting for independence. Such a world order must not be based on imposing one's own values ​​on others by presenting them as universal values.