Great M-agreement on new line


Published October 24, 2021 at 3:51 pm

Domestic. The Moderates' meeting has now ended and there was great support behind the party leadership's new policy. The party hopes to attract voters from the Social Democrats with a tougher grip on the gangs, reduced immigration and a new so-called climate policy.

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In his speech at the AGM, Ulf Kristersson addressed a direct appeal to Social Democratic voters:

– I want to address myself directly to you who usually vote for the Social Democrats. To you who are beginning to believe that a change of power is necessary to get something done. I want to ask you this: Lend your voice to me! You probably do not agree with me on everything. Maybe you do not agree with any party, fully? But maybe you think that this, it just does not work anymore.

The party hopes to attract over 150,000 S-voters with the new line, which went through with great unanimity at the party meeting, which ended on Sunday .

A number of new proposals were passed on judicial policy, migration and energy. Many of them focus on putting in place gang criminals.

– I think it will have an immediate effect, in fact. You can look at Denmark, for example, where they have implemented such measures, and managed to push back crime, says Johan Forssell, legal policy spokesman, to Swedish Radio.

In one issue, however, the party leadership was run over by the meeting, who decided that the county administrative boards should be wound up in the long run.