Norway and France make targeted contributions to the victims of electricity prices


Published October 23, 2021 at 11:45

Economics. It is not only in Sweden that electricity prices have skyrocketed. In France and Norway, one-off grants will now be paid so that the worst affected can afford electricity.

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The French government distributes a one-time grant of 100 euros, just over 1,000 kronor, to all residents with a net income of 2,000 euros or less, reports Le Monde.

The grant is a compensation for the rising fuel and energy prices in Europe.

Around 66,000 households that have been worst affected by record high electricity prices in southern Norway will also receive a one-off grant of around SEK 3,000, writes Verdens Gang.

On Monday, the price of electricity in the southernmost electricity area in Norway rose to a record high of 146.26 euros per megawatt hour.


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