Jetson ONE, the new $ 92,000 single-seater eVTOL


In the market more and more & ugrave; dynamic of eVTOL , that is; electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, the Swedish startup Jetson Aero has officially unveiled Jetson ONE , a single-seat eVTOL that should arrive in the hands of customers who have ordered it in the autumn of 2022. Indeed, the startup has made it known that the production of 2022 (12 units) is; sold out. In fact, it is already; collecting orders for 2023.


A curious product for sure personal . The dimensions are compact, 2,845 mm long x 2,400 mm wide x 1,030 mm high. Also, to save space when not in use, the arms can be folded. The width is thus reduced to 900 mm. Aesthetically, it looks like a large drone.

Thanks to an aluminum frame and carbon fiber parts, this eVTOL & egrave; very light. The manufacturer declares 86 kg. The aircraft & egrave; capable of carrying a pilot with a maximum weight of 95 kg . It has 4 motors with double propeller. The maximum power is of 88 kW. Flight autonomy is a little disappointing given that it arrives just 20 minutes of flight , provided, however, that the pilot does not weigh more than 85 kg. The speed peak & egrave; electronically limited to 102 km/h . Given the specifications, it is clear that this is an aircraft designed mainly to entertain pilots who do not have budget problems.

Jetson ONE has a triple redundancy system for ensure maximum safety during the flight. If the pilot releases the controls, for example, the aircraft should land on its own. This model also has LiDAR sensors to trace the terrain and allow you to avoid obstacles. In case of serious problems, & egrave; an emergency ballistic parachute is also available.

Concurrently with the announcement , the startup has released a video showing the aircraft in action. Very interesting is the fact that the interiors can also be observed. In addition to the controls, we note, in particular, what appears to be a smartphone used as a sort of mini on-board computer. In the video we also see that Jetson ONE does not go up very much in altitude.

This eVTOL will be; delivered to customers with a kit that includes the aircraft 50% assembled. The cost? Within the reach of a few given that & egrave; of 92 thousand dollars . On the official website there is order list too. Curiosity, an order is was also made from Italy.

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