Ford Ranger, extreme tests for the new generation of the pickup


Ford Ranger customers expect the pickup to offer robustness and reliability. of the highest level to be able to tackle any type of terrain. For this, the house of the blue oval is working to make the new generation of the Ranger the most; resistant, the most resistant; versatile and the most always efficient . The pickup is it was then subjected to a high number of physical and virtual tests . After all, the American builder & egrave; called to create a truly global pickup that can satisfy the needs of customers in 180 markets.


So far, the American pickup has driven around 10,000km in the desert which equates, Ford points out, to 1,250,000km of customer driving and 625,000km of off-road endurance testing at maximum capacity; of loading. The tests, of course, have not ended and are continuing all over the world. Even before the road tests began, the pickup & egrave; been subjected to thousands of hours of computer simulations , as well as multiple laboratory tests. In this way, even without getting off the road & egrave; It was possible to experiment with different aspects of the pickup, from aerodynamics, to the durability of the components.

& Eacute; It is important that our customers can trust Ranger to have the guarantee, over the years, of a safe companion. So we went to great lengths to subject the next generation Ranger to extreme tests, stressing it a lot more; than a normal owner would do, to make sure he is ready to deal with it all. that life has in store for him. Whether it's tackling muddy trails or adversity; extreme tropical climate, or even cross passes with a trailer in tow or withstand temperatures above 50 & deg; Celsius, the Ranger must be able to do it all.

The new Ford Ranger will do & agrave; its official debut by the end of the year. Marketing, on the other hand, & egrave; expected in the first months of 2022 . From the first images of the prototypes, still obviously camouflaged, it can be seen that the pickup will have; always of a massive body with square lines. The new interiors should be more cared for and with a higher technological endowment than the current generation. All that remains is to wait for its debut to discover its secrets.

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