Xbox Series X | S: Update brings 4K for the dashboard and a night mode


Microsoft is donating the Xbox Series X (test) with the October update a dashboard in 4K and both next-gen game consoles a night mode. The quick settings have also been redesigned for an even more personalized experience. The update primarily addresses the user experience.

4K dashboard exclusively for the Xbox Series X

The image on the Xbox Series X is now” scaled up “on the dashboard from 1080p to native 4K, which should already ensure a sharper text image on the user interface of the game console, according to Microsoft.

We're excited to announce that starting today, gamers with an Xbox Series X connected to a 4K display will be able to see the dashboard natively in 4K.


On the home page in My Games & amp; In apps, in the guide and in many other areas, the UI elements such as graphics and buttons are displayed with greater clarity.

However, this new UI feature is reserved for the Xbox Series X, the less powerful Xbox Series S is left out, at least for the time being – Microsoft sees it as a 1080p console and that also applies to the UI on a UHD television.

Night mode for Xbox Series X and Series S

In addition to the 4K dashboard for the Xbox Series X received Both next-gen game consoles have a night mode with adjustable dimming and blue light filter as part of the October update.

Image comparison night mode “- Image comparison : Microsoft) AN (Image: Microsoft)

In night mode, the operating LED in the Xbox design on the game console and the power button on the controller can be darkened if desired. Microsoft promises in connection with the & quot; Night Mode & quot; a “cinema darkness” for film fans.

Night mode – console (picture: Microsoft)
Night mode – controller ( figure>

The new features in the October update can be read in the official release notes as follows:

Xbox Series X | S – October update

  • Dashboard in native UHD resolution
    • Exclusively for Xbox Series X
    • 4K/2160p
  • Night Mode (& quot; Night Mode & quot;)
    • For Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
    • Dimmable lighting for game consoles
    • Dimmable lighting for controllers
    • Scheduling for night mode
    • Consideration of topics
    • Consideration of HDR
  • Quick settings in the Xbox Guide < ul class = "text-ul text-width">
  • For Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
The night mode can be configured extensively (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has compiled more information on its Xbox Wire blog asst.