Volocopter wants to bring its eVTOLs to Japan: first tests in 2023


Volocopter aims to bring its eVTOLs to Japan . The mobility sector urban air (UAM or Urban Air Mobility) & egrave; particularly dynamic in recent times, with more and more; reality which are proposing prototypes of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to be used in urban areas to offer passenger and freight transport services in the future. Car manufacturers are also looking favorably on this sector. Recently, then, there & # 39; & egrave; was an important agreement in Italy to start evaluating the possibility; to create vertiports, that is; facilities dedicated to these aircraft.

The German company Volocopter is between realities more dynamics of the eVTOL sector and is entering into several agreements to launch short-haul transport services through its aircraft. One of the objectives of this company is & egrave; to bring eVTOLs to Japan. To support this project also Japan Airlines which has invested in this company & agrave; and who already has; placed an order for as many as 100 of these special aircraft both for a flying taxi service and for freight transport. Volocopter aims to conduct first public flight tests in 2023 to prove validity; of its solutions.

However, the German company wants to go beyond the agreement with Japan Airlines. Indeed, Volocopter announced that it participated in the Osaka round table on the development of the mobility sector at the beginning of October; urban view in Japan. With nine million residents, Osaka prefecture has one of the largest; large industrial areas of the country. It is therefore an ideal place for the use of eVTOLs. Indeed, the city & agrave; intends to focus heavily on this mobility solution; in the future. Japan has been looking favorably on eVTOLs for some time. The country is & egrave; set the goal of making transport services through these aircraft a reality; by 2030.

Volocopter has announced that it will participate; at Expo 2025 to be held right in Osaka. Here, the company & agrave; German promised that it will carry out; a demonstration with its aircraft. Additionally, Volocopter is strategically joining forces with local partners and authorities. to strengthen its position in the market.

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