T-Mobile will start on November 5 with multi-sim for Apple Watch 4G: that's how much it will cost


Earlier this month it was announced that the 4G Apple Watch in the Netherlands is scheduled to be released soon, but it was unclear when ‘soon’ is precise. Today, T-Mobile announces when the provider will start offering 4G on the Apple Watch. In a press release, T-Mobile says that the multisim for the 4G Apple Watch will be available from November 5.

T-Mobile will start on November 5 with 4G Apple Watch via multisim

With the new Multisim you can also use the phone number of your T-Mobile subscription on the iPhone for an Apple Watch + Cellular model. You can use this 4G on the Apple Watch, with which you are also online if you leave your iPhone at home. T-Mobile says that the Multisim can be ordered from October 29, together with the 4G model of the Apple Watch 4G. That means that T-Mobile itself will also sell the Apple Watch. Exact prices of the 4G Apple Watch are not yet known, but the model will probably be available from €529.

T-Mobile says it is the first telecom provider in the Netherlands to offer this function. KPN previously said it would support it, but it is still unclear when the provider will start with this. Vodafone does not seem to have any short-term plans for the time being.

The extra Multisim option for using 4G on the Apple Watch costs € 5 per month at T-Mobile. This is in addition to the price you already pay for your T-Mobile subscription. The Multisim is an add-on for customers with a Go subscription. If you already have an earlier generation of a 4G Apple Watch, you can buy the Multisim supplement separately for €5 per month. The combination 4G Apple Watch Series 7 with Multisim can be ordered from October 29. It is also not yet clear whether T-Mobile will sell both the aluminum and the stainless steel and titanium versions.

The separate multi-sim add-on for users who already have a 4G Apple Watch is available from November 5 to order. On November 5, the function will also go live and can be used. You do need the latest iOS and watchOS updates. Presumably it concerns iOS 15.1 and watchOS 8.1, which will be available from next Monday.

Orders start October 29 at 6:00 pm

T-Mobile says pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 7 will start on Friday, October 29 at 6:00 PM Dutch time. It is not entirely clear whether T-Mobile will also sell the Apple Watch SE with Cellular.

Apple will probably also start selling the 4G Apple Watch in its own online Apple Store on October 29. Also read our article about the benefits of a 4G Apple Watch. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ about the 4G Apple Watch.