Rumor: 'New MacBook Air 2022 with M2 gets MagSafe and iMac-like colors'


Now that Apple has announced the 2021 MacBook Pro, we also get a slightly better idea of ​​what the future MacBooks will look like and what functions they may have. The past has proven that a new model is a good indication of which direction Apple is going with other new models. Rumor-ready Dylan (@dylandkt), who has been able to provide accurate information about new Macs before, is now sharing new details about the upcoming MacBook Air 2022 in a series of tweets, which may simply be ‘MacBook’ is going to be called. There is a new design coming and there are similarities with the latest MacBook Pro models.

‘New MacBook Air 2022 with new design, M2 chip and more’

For starters, the new model will have a brand new design, which is somewhat similar to the latest MacBook Pro, the source says. Apple would no longer have opted for the sloping design, where the bottom at the screen is thicker than at the trackpad. But the new MacBook (Air) would be a lot thinner and lighter than the MacBook Pro. There have been rumors about the design of the new MacBook Air before and today's source agrees. He states that the model will come in multiple colors, which are similar to the iMac 2021. The current iMac is available in blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, orange and silver.

The screen bezels and keyboard will be “off-white”, giving the MacBook as a whole a lighter look. Previous renders already showed what such a MacBook can look like and this is probably not far from reality. The iMac 2021 also has white screen bezels and a white keyboard. The keyboard gets full-sized function keys. These are probably the same keys as on the new MacBook Pro 2021.

‘Does have MagSafe, but no HDMI and SD card slot’

According to the same source, the new MacBook (Air) also gets a MagSafe connection, with which you can charge it with the magnetic cable. But you don't have to count on the other connections that Apple has brought back to the MacBook Pro. So there will be no HDMI port and no SD card slot, so are the rumors now. You will find several USB-C ports, although it is not yet clear how many exactly.

The screen is probably a mini-LED display, but you should not expect advanced functions such as ProMotion here. Whether a notch will be added is still unclear and the resolution and exact format are also not yet known. The M2 chip in this new model is the successor to the M1 and offers, among other things, improvements in the number of external screens that you can connect. Where you can only connect one external screen with the M1, this would be at least two screens with the M2. Finally, the camera will be upgraded to 1080p.

Whether this model will actually be called MacBook Air or whether Apple will bring back the regular MacBook, is still the question. Apple could also choose to keep the current M1 MacBook Air in its range and add this new M2 MacBook. The price of this new model would also be a bit higher. The release of the new MacBook (Air) is planned for mid-2022.