Reader's test: We wanted testers for the Glorious Model D Glossy gaming mouse


Caseking and ComputerBase are looking for five private testers who want to extensively test the glossy Glorious Model D Glossy gaming mouse in black or white and then publish a reader test in the ComputerBase forum. An XL mouse pad is also provided.

The Glorious Model D in detail

With the light and perforated mice Model O (test) and Model O- (test), GPCGR has been offering two good input devices for shooters that are often cheaper in relation to the competition since 2019.

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Glorious Model D Glossy in Black
Glorious Model D Glossy in Black
Glorious Model D Glossy in black

Glorious Model D Glossy in White
Glorious Model D Glossy in White
Glorious Model D Glossy in White

With Model D and Model D- the manufacturer has taken up the successful concept again and put a new cover over the same technology: Model D and Model D- are ergonomically designed for right-handers, whereas Model O and O- also only have additional buttons on the left, but have a symmetrically shaped chassis.

Glorious Model D and D-: The dimensions (image : Caseking)

key data that can be seen

The availability of two surface variants and two colors has also been adopted from the two O models: interested parties can choose between the classic matt black variant and a glossy counterpart with a smoother texture. Both versions are also available in white.

Furthermore, the hexagonal holes in the back and bottom, the extensive RGB lighting and the company logo on the left flank are reminiscent of the Model O and Model O-. Inside, the well-known PixArt PMW-3360 takes care of the motion detection.

Glorious Model D: black or white, matt or glossy (picture: Caseking)

Compared to the original Model O (-), the now much thinner cable and the thicker white mouse feet made of pure PTFE with rounded edges have been revised – currently sold Model O (-) both offer improvements.

ComputerBase readers test the Model D Glossy

Five ComputerBase readers have the chance to test the Model D in the glossy glossy version for themselves. Whether in black or white, every tester can decide according to personal preference. The package always includes the XL mouse pad from the same manufacturer, Caseking is currently selling the package at a reduced price of 49.90 euros.

Glorious Model D Glossy in black with XL mouse pad (Image: Caseking)
Glorious Model D Glossy in white with XL mouse pad (picture: Caseking)

Requirements and prerequisites

Caseking leaves the testers, who should be confident in German spelling and grammar, largely free to use the procedure. However, the focus of the tests should be on the use of the mice in combination with the mouse pad in shooters, precision and weight.

  • The test must be a At least 800 words long
  • At least three self-made photos of the mouse on the mouse pad must be included

The following information is required so that Caseking and ComputerBase can select suitable candidates:

  • Planned test scope (focus, game selection)
  • Information on comparison options
  • Desired variant (decision required )

The application

Anyone who applies for the reader test in the forum gives their consent to the requirements mentioned above and the deadlines defined below.

Applications can be submitted up to and including October 27, 2021 in the comment thread for the note. The test participants will be selected on October 28, 2021 by Caseking and ComputerBase. The participants will then receive further information via a private message in the forum. If not enough usable applications have been received by the end of the application period, Caseking and ComputerBase reserve the right to extend the deadline.

The finished test reports are to be published in the ComputerBase forum by November 28, 2021 at the latest. ComputerBase must be informed of any delays in the test procedure one week before the deadline. If problems arise, you should also contact the editorial team at any time, who will then mediate.

After publication of the tests created in accordance with the rules, the samples become the property of the tester. The results may not be published in other forums. If no test is created by the deadline, Caseking will invoice the tester for the bundle at the RRP. The judges' decision is final.

If questions about the procedure remain unanswered, they can also be asked here in this thread.