Mercedes-AMG SL, the new roadster will be? unveiled on October 28


October 28 will be & agrave; officially unveiled the new Mercedes-AMG SL , within a presentation that will be; streamed. At the same time as this announcement, the German carmaker also shared a teaser of the new roadster. The image shows the interiors which will be characterized by the presence of the MBUX infotainment system. In reality, the photo does not reveal anything particularly new since, in July, the builder already had; shared some information on the new car, telling some details on the interior design.

In less than a week, however, we will be able to discover all the secrets of this interesting model whose arrival in dealerships is; expected in 2022.

WHAT WE KNOW Thanks to some advances from Mercedes-AMG and a series of spy photos, already; we know that the new SL will feature due to the presence of a new look with a pi & ugrave; sharp which should help make more aggressive the appearance of the car. There will, however, be some references to the & quot; past & quot ;, given that the brand has chosen to adopt a canvas top . At the rear, however, there are similarities with the AMG GT.

The interior will offer a style similar to that seen in the new C-Class and S-Class . Obviously, room for refined coatings and technology. As mentioned at the beginning, there will be the MBUX system. Specifically, the instrumentation will have; of a 12.3-inch monitor, while the infotainment of an 11.9-inch vertical touch display.

In addition, the dashboard is; was designed with the car running in mind with the top down. For this, & egrave; has been designed to avoid reflections from sunlight. For the same reason, you can & agrave; change the tilt of the infotainment screen. As for the engines, there are no particular rumors. The fact that it is an AMG model suggests that obviously there will be; an engine capable of giving strong emotions. Maybe, might arrive the unit & agrave; Plug-in already view inside the new AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE. All that remains is to wait a few more days to find out more.

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