Intel quarterly figures: Servers and PCs are picking up, the notebook is weakening


Low expectations for the quarterly figures from Intel preceded the publication, despite the boom times in almost every IT segment. In terms of sales, Intel was only able to convince to a limited extent, and a one-time payment helped a lot in terms of profit.

With a forecast of only 18.2 billion US dollars, analysts expected less sales than before a year ago, because recently Intel always gave a rather mixed picture. On the one hand, efforts to solve the problems, which in turn, on the other hand, are diverse and large. The analysts and the stock exchange do not trust the roast so far, after an interim high after the introduction of the new CES Pat Gelsinger in the spring, it then went down again steadily.

And so it is the expected mixed picture today. Sales increased just a little with five percent plus, especially the PC business this time had to fight hard and in the end was even two percent below sales of the previous year, which is due to lower sales figures for notebooks, the even increased Rocket Lake -Could not offset sales in the desktop. Above all, however, the modem business is now breaking down, as is well known, Apple's iPhones no longer rely on products from Intel.

Sales of PCs and notebooks (and modems) (picture: Intel)

The data center division, on the other hand, made a small comeback and made significantly more sales, both from Ice Lake-SP became more CPUs are sold at a higher average price as well. In the end, it is also the small divisions that are developing well, Mobileye and the IOT segment are generating much more sales than before, and profits are finally bubbling up there.

Sales in the DCG (Fig : Intel)
Sales of IOT and Mobileye (Image: Intel)

The divisions are already revealing that the profits have actually not changed much. In detail, it then becomes clear that of the now 6.8 billion US dollars in net profit instead of 4.3 billion US dollars in the previous year, 1.7 billion falls in the area of ​​gains on equity investments. In purely operational terms, profit only grew by around 200 million US dollars.

Intel: Sales and profits since Q1/2003 -1.0003.4007.80012.20016.60021.000 million US dollars Q1/2003Q3/2003Q1/2004Q3/2004Q1/2005Q3/2005Q1/2006Q3/2006Q1/2007Q3/2007Q1/2008Q3/2008Q1/2009Q3/2009Q1/2010Q3/2010Q1/2011Q3/2011Q1/2012Q3/2012Q1/2013Q3/2013Q1/2014Q3/2014Q1/2015Q3/2015Q1/2016Q3/2016Q1/2017Q1/2017Q3/2016Q1/2017Q1 2017Q1/2018Q3/2018Q1/2019Q3/2019Q1/2020Q3/2020Q1/2021Q3/2021 US GAAP sales US GAAP net income

For the last quarter, Intel expects pretty much the same endeavor again . No growth in sales, the margin could also fall, and profits fall. The stock market doesn't like these prospects at all, and immediately after the figures were announced, things went into the red. The price then recovered after the trading hours, however. As the new CEO likes to say: the work has only just begun.