Chip crisis, Groupe Renault cuts production estimates


The chip crisis continues to impact on car manufacturers in an evident and very heavy way. After all, today semiconductors are widely used on modern cars that are & quot; stuffed & quot; of electronics. Problems with the supply of these components are leading manufacturers to revise production plans. In the most cases; serious it is even possible to close the production plants for days/weeks.

A problem that will cost you; a lot to car manufacturers. The Renault Group , for example, presenting economic data for the third quarter of 2021, highlighted that it had to heavily revise its production estimates for 2021 downwards. The French group, in fact, estimated an overall loss of approximately 500,000 cars . The 170,000 fewer cars produced in the third quarter of 2021 weigh heavily on this estimate.

Despite the increase in production losses estimated for the year, Groupe Renault confirms the forecasts to reach a Group operating margin rate in the year of the same order as that of the first half.


The Renault Group, in a very complex scenario between supply problems and production stops, closed the quarter with 599,027 vehicles sold , with a decrease of 22.3% compared to 2020. Group sales at European level (weight on the total of 53%) only decreased by 26.3%. Those on international markets, on the other hand, are down by 17.3%. The turnover of the Group amounted to 9 billion euros (8,987 million euros to be precise) in the quarter, down 13.4%.

This & quot; contained & quot; decline. of turnover, given the difficult context of the automotive sector, & egrave; was possible thanks to the positive impact of the Group's commercial policy , oriented towards a better enhancement of sales, focusing on the most profitable sales channels.

Entering a little bit; more specifically, the Renault brand sold 365,934 cars worldwide, with a decrease of 24.4% compared to the third quarter of 2020. In France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom (the main European markets), the manufacturer is growing in the channels sales more & ugrave; profitable. In particular, in the Old Continent, the sales of E-TECH cars they are up by 29% and represent 31.3% of the total in the quarter. Sales of the ZOE dropped from over 64,000 in 2020 to around 47,000 due to the presence of major competitors. Very good the new Arkana with over 40,000 orders in 9 months.

Excellent performance by Dacia which limited the losses to a decrease of 11.4%. A result possible thanks to the success of the new Sandero and the new Duster. The electric Dacia Spring (here our test) already has; obtained over 30,000 orders in Europe. The Lada brand recorded a decline of 27.8% but continues to maintain its leadership on the Russian market.

At the end of September, the Group's total stock amounted to 340,000 vehicles compared to 470,000 at the end of September 2020 Finally, the Group made it known that it was on track to achieve the most important objectives. rigorous for CO2 emissions in Europe for 2021.

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