Winter tires, when changing. Rules and sanctions


Temperatures are dropping and the winter season is; at the gates . Like every year, with the arrival of autumn comes the time when it is Summer tires need to be replaced with winter tires. The obligation of the winter equipment scatter & agrave; from 15 November 2021 . However, already since last October 15th & egrave; tires can be changed. Therefore, the law provides 30 days to comply.

It must be said that, in reality, it is not a rigid obligation , as it is; alternatively, it is possible to bring the snow chains in the car while keeping the summer tires. The obligation of the winter equipment will cease; on April 15, 2022.


Winter tires recognize each other because & eacute; have the snowflake symbol inside a mountain profile with the abbreviations M + S, MS, M & amp; S, M-S alongside. They are all acronyms of mud and snow, that is; mud and snow. The tires with the initials mud and snow only are All Season or 4 seasons .

They are fine anyway and have the advantage of never having to be replaced when the season changes. However, in particularly critical conditions they are less effective than actual winter tires. Non-compliance with the rules leads to penalties for the driver . They range from 41 to 168 euros in built-up areas and from 84 to 335 euros on suburban roads and motorways. But more that the penalties must be emphasized that the failure to use winter tires can & ograve; jeopardize the safety of the driver and passengers.

To change tires & egrave; it is important to rely on a professional who will advise also the eventual purchase of more tires suitable for your car. Since unfortunately there is always the tendency to take the last, the advice is not to waste time and to book an appointment with your trusted tire dealer as soon as possible.

Very important & egrave; choose the right tire , that's why & egrave; it is essential to contact a professional in the sector. In any case, please note that the vehicle registration documents contain the measures intended for summer tires and those dedicated solely to M + S winter tires. In reality, all the measurements indicated in the vehicle registration document are fine as long as they are winter tires. For those expressly indicated M + S & egrave; it is essential to respect the load/speed characteristics; expected.

To circulate in the cold season, winter tires can also have a speed index; lower than that shown in the vehicle registration document, provided that this index is not lower than Q (up to 160 km/h).

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