The kebab killers threatened to cut the throats of the guards – referring to Allah


Published 21 October 2021 at 15.43

Domestic. “Allahu akbar.” This is how the two convicted murderers ended their demand letter when they held two employees at Hällbyanstalten hostage this summer. The letter will be made public now in connection with the duo being prosecuted.

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Kebabdramat i Eskilstuna

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Isak Dewit, 30, and Haned Mahamed Abdullahi, 24 – both convicted of murder – staged the notorious hostage drama at the institution at Eskilstuna on July 21, 2021.

They demanded, among other things, a helicopter and kebab pizzas for the inmates at their section. The latter requirement was met before the duo finally gave up.

The letter found in Isak Dewit's room states.

“We will have a helicopter here and 100,000 SEK and 200 000 euros. And each set of clothes. We will not talk anymore but will let the sword bring our case, if you refuse. Test us if you want, walla. “

The letter continues:

“For our part, this can only lead to two good things. Martyrdom or freedom. Inshallah.”

“We Muslims love justice and death. While you kafr love oppression and life. Allahu Akbar. “

According to the indictment, the killers were armed with razor blades and sharpened objects. It must have been unreasonable to cut the throat of the hostages.

In addition to suspicions of kidnapping, the indictment also includes suspicion of serious threats against an official, gross extortion and violence against an official.

– The suspects barricaded themselves in a guard room at the institution and held the staff hostage for about nine hours. During the detention, threats and some violence occurred against the staff who were held in custody, says chamber prosecutor Frida Hamberg in a statement.

During the investigation, it has emerged that there was dissatisfaction with the conditions at Hällbyanstalten and that the two inmates wanted to escape from there.

– Men have i.a. demanded to get a helicopter to leave the institution with, but also money, clothes and pizza. When the demands were not fully met, the hostages were released and the perpetrators gave up. The arrest then proceeded calmly, says Frida Hamberg.

The prosecutor estimates that the main trial is estimated to take about four days. Then several of the staff at the Swedish Prison and Probation Service will be heard as witnesses, but also police officers who have been on site will be heard about the incident.

It is the district court that decides when the main hearing starts and the date is currently not decided.