Tesla wants to accelerate the growth of the Supercharger network


Tesla executives' discussions on the economic results of the third quarter of 2021 are emerging further news interesting. One of these concerns the Supercharger network expansion plan . Answering a question about congestion in charging stations, Drew Baglino , SVP Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, said that the average level of congestion on the network over the past 18 months is; dropped.

In any case, the manager pointed out that the company is; focused on accelerating the expansion of charging stations with rapid growth over the next two years.

Although we certainly have work to do to expand the capacity; in some congested areas, the average congestion on the network is decreased in the last 18 months. However, we are not standing still. We are executing accelerated expansion plans globally. The network is doubled in the last 18 months and we expect to triple it in the next two years.

Very important resolutions but we must not forget that Tesla in the past has presented ambitious expansion programs of Superchargers which, then, have not been fully respected. However, & egrave; It is also true that in the last year the network has made a big leap forward, with 3,254 stations all over the world according to the data of the last quarter (+ 49% compared to a year ago).

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What the manager said could somehow go to confirm a series of rumors that emerged during August about the will & agrave; Tesla to significantly accelerate the activation of new Supercharger stations before opening to the cars of other car manufacturers. In the United States, the manufacturer has started hiring several new people to join the team dedicated to the Supercharger network.

The company & agrave; of Elon Musk could exploit the funds that the American government will put & agrave; available for companies wishing to build a charging infrastructure. The condition to access it is; that the charging points are open to everyone. By opening his network, Tesla will surely risk; queues form inside the stations. However, relying on government funds, it will be able to do so. to rapidly grow its infrastructure by making available to electric users many more; power supply points.

Superchargers have always been Tesla's added value . Even when the global charging infrastructure of electric cars was not as developed as it is today, they have always allowed American electric cars to travel long distances. The intentions for rapid expansion are certainly positive. Bisogner & agrave; see if Tesla really will succeed to make this project come true.

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