Tesla closes the third quarter of 2021 in profit despite the chip crisis


For Tesla , 2021 continues to be a very positive year indeed. After closing the third quarter of the year with a new delivery record, the company led by Elon Musk shared financial data for the period highlighting a result once again above expectations, at least on the earnings per share front. This is Tesla's ninth consecutive profitable quarter. But in addition to purely economic data there is; an even more detail; important that concerns the capacity; of production achieved by the car manufacturer.

Q3 2021

Tesla therefore closed Q3 2021 with a turnover of $ 13.757 billion (analysts expected a figure of around $ 14 billion). To understand how much the company & agrave; has grown in the last year, suffice it to say that in Q3 2020 the turnover amounted to 8.771 billion dollars. Earnings per share (non-GAAP) is was equal to $ 1.86 per share, a result above expectations.

The third quarter of 2021 is; It was a record quarter in many ways. We have achieved our best net profit, operating profit and gross profit ever. In addition, we achieved an operating margin of 14.6%.

In particular, the company & agrave; stated that the gross margin of the automotive sector is around 30%. It is worth noting that from the sale of green credits , Tesla earned $ 279 million versus $ 354 million in the previous quarter. Above all, the excellent sales performance of the Model 3 and Model Y allowed these results. However, the sales of the restyling Model S that finally arrived on the market also contributed to the results of Q3 2021.

Results that are even more striking; given that the automotive sector is suffering a lot from the consequences of the chip crisis. But Tesla took an approach that allowed it to mitigate these problems. As we know, it has entered into agreements with various suppliers and rewritten the software to ensure that the different types of semiconductors that it receives from suppliers on a rotation basis can be used without problems.

Liquidity, on the other hand, has decreased. This, mainly due to the repayment of the debt.


But the data more & ugrave; interesting & egrave; what concerns the capacity; production achieved by Tesla. The company & agrave; has made it known that it is now able to produce one million electric cars per year . This is a truly remarkable result considering that until a few years ago the company & agrave; was delivering only a few tens of thousands of cars per year.

The Gigafactories in Texas and Germany will be in operation shortly. This means that the car company will be & agrave; able to further expand its capacity; productive potential. This is certainly good news given Elon Musk's ambitious expansion plans.

Given the growth prospects, the next quarter could lead to new records. All that remains is to await the company's next results. led by Elon Musk.

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