S-minister is accused of spreading corona in nursing homes


Published 21 October 2021 at 19.09

Domestic. Minister of Social Insurance Ardalan Shekarabi (S) receives harsh criticism on social media after visiting a nursing home with a visor over his face.

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The Ministry of Social Affairs announces on Twitter that Ardalan Shekarabi on Thursday visited Gutenberg's nursing home in Bollnäs.

lift and provide better care to users “.

In the picture posted by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi poses with a visor – something that makes a large number of users react strongly.

” What What do you do? The virus spreads via aerosols that are small enough to stay afloat in the air – visor has ZERO effect. This is ridiculous “, writes a woman.

” Visor without mouthguards has the opposite effect, ie increases the risk of spreading the infection “, states another.

Researcher Camelia Dewan is also critical.

” It is not even a politician, it is a Minister, ie part of the government. Those who govern the country do not seem to know how SARS-cov-2 is spread. Wonder that we have the highest death toll in the Nordic countries is over 'bs we have to live with “, Dewan writes on Twitter.