Löfven's mockery of the severely coronary heart disease SD top


Published 21 October 2021 at 06.02

Domestic. The unvaccinated SD leader Mattias Karlsson was recently discharged after being treated in hospital for severe covid-19. Now he is criticized by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven – but goes on the counterattack.

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“While I am still recovering from a life-threatening condition, the Prime Minister of the country goes out and attacks me for my illness and regrets that more people do not attack me for my illness and he also does so based on a false premise . “

This is how Mattias Karlsson writes on Facebook in a comment to an article in Dagens Nyheter on Wednesday. The article interviews Stefan Löfven, who comments on the 44-year-old SD top's hospital stay.

– Now they have someone who can lie in the care bed and take a place because he has not been vaccinated, Mattias Karlsson , says Löfven to DN.

The Prime Minister says that Karlsson's explanation, that he did not have time to get vaccinated, is “nonsense”.

– He can not be Sweden's most busy politician, I do not believe that.

According to Löfven, it would have been “a fucking life” if it had come to light that some Social Democratic municipal board & shy; chairman somewhere had not been vaccinated.

– But here nothing happens. It is strange, he continues.

“Unworthy is just the first name”, writes Mattias Karlsson in his post about Löfven. But, he adds, “it was perhaps naive to expect more from a man who withdrew personal assistance to sick, disabled children to pay for mass immigration and who opened the country's borders to terrorists.”

In the rest. from Karlsson's post, he again gives long explanations as to why he chose not to get vaccinated.