Kia EV6 driving report: Lots of equipment for around 35,000 euros


Not every press event always goes according to the schedule, even if all parties involved are well organized. This time a flight cancellation thwarted a longer trip with the Kia EV6. In just 45 minutes driving time, the electric car managed to make a solid appearance in the cockpit and assistance systems.

Table of contents

  1. 1 A short pleasure with the Kia EV6
    1. A video full of authentic first impressions
  2. E-GMP with 800-volt shop and up to 585 hp
    1. Entry from 35,420 euros according to premiums
  3. A lot of standard equipment even with the basic model
  4. Android Auto and CarPlay only with cable
  5. Interesting controls for air conditioning and navigation systems
  6. There are plenty of assistance systems at no extra charge
  7. Highway Driving Assist II in a package for 2,700 euros
    1. HDA II steers according to Level 2 with
  8. Blind spot assistant with cameras to the side
  9. Head-up display with AR display
  10. First impression

A short pleasure with the Kia EV6

In the morning in the south of Spain to Marbella, test drive a brand new e-car for the first time, talk to experts about it in the evening and return to Germany the next morning. Sounds like a solid plan with lots of reporting options, but all of the gears have to mesh with one another precisely. But if a 60 minute delay turns into a cancellation shortly before boarding, even the best plan quickly vanishes into thin air.

This happened the week before last, when the plan was to test drive the new Kia EV6 for several hours, and with it for the first time the “Electric Global Modular Platform” (E-GMP), which is also used by the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Genesis GV60.

A video full of authentic first impressions

The mess of the feeder from BER to Frankfurt, from where it should have been to Málaga in the morning, meant that the journey had to be made with the second machine of the day, which fortunately still existed for the editor and reader. The entire on-site planning was thrown overboard, and all that remained was a 45-minute drive from Málaga Airport to the hotel. But in this brevity and at the same time challenge, the spice of an article can definitely lie, because every driving impression gained has made it into the video in the first take.

E-GMP with 800 volt shops and up to 585 PS

The E-GMP distinguishes above all the 800-volt fast charging, which brings the capacity from 10 to 80 percent in approx. 18 minutes with the corresponding charging station. Two battery capacities are offered with 58 and 77.4 kWh, on which Kia (like the entire car) gives a seven-year guarantee up to 150,000 km. 58 kWh are only offered for your entry-level rear-wheel drive and 125 kW (170 PS), while the 77.4 kWh battery is available for the more powerful rear-wheel drive (168 kW/229 PS), all-wheel drive (239 kW/325 PS) and the end The following EV6 with GT package (430 kW/585 PS) will be used in 2022. The ranges are 394 km, 528 km, 596 km and approx. 400 km in the same order. All details are provided by the technical data including the price list (PDF).

Entry from 35,420 euros after premiums

Entry into the world of the EV6 starts at 44,990 euros (gross), whereby there is currently an innovation premium of 9,570 euros for e-vehicles with a net list price of less than 40,000 euros, of which 6,000 euros are an impressive purchase premium and a manufacturer's share of 3,570 euros, so that an effective amount of 35,420 euros is incurred. The stronger variants are before premiums at 48,990 euros, 52,890 euros and 65,990 euros (GT package).

A lot of standard equipment even with the basic model

The model with rear-wheel drive and 77.4 kWh battery driven by ComputerBase was provided by Kia with extensive special equipment, but fortunately the EV6 has a lot of equipment as standard. These include the two curved 12.3-inch screens, seven years of navigation map updates, Bluetooth, DAB +, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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< img src = "/wp-content/uploads/7c67d62d03d27add3303f0be77f91870.jpg" /> Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Kia EV6 “/> Kia EV6” /> Kia EV6 >

Kia EV6
Kia EV6

Android Auto and CarPlay only with cable

The infotainment system could only be tried out rudimentary during the short test drive and impressed above all with precise navigation and an informative map to the given destination. Kia's menu navigation with software buttons for back, home and context is a bit reminiscent of previous Android smartphones, before the switch to gesture control. Android Auto and CarPlay were not used because the cable required for driving was not at hand. As could be clarified afterwards, both solutions in the EV6 actually only work with cables. A cable has to be laid from the large Qi charging cradle on the center console to the USB-C or USB-A sockets underneath it.

Interesting controls for air conditioning and navigation systems

When it comes to operation, Kia relies on an interesting mix of touch and switches, because the control panel below the central ventilation nozzles is responsible for the air conditioning on the one hand and the infotainment system on the other. Classic turn-push controls for the driver and front passenger take care of the temperature control on the outside of the panel, with touch buttons in between for things like the heated windows, circulating air or the sync function. But if you press the button with the navigation arrow, a control panel for the infotainment system is created. The turn-push controls are then responsible for volume, scrolling through menus or zooming in on maps. The other buttons are transformed into quick access to maps, radio, own media and settings – really interesting and cleverly solved by Kia.

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Kia EV6
Kia EV6
figure EV6 “/> >

Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Kia EV6

There are plenty of assistance systems at no extra charge

The extensive standard equipment also includes many assistance systems, all of which Kia hides behind cryptic abbreviations. Standard features include the Highway Driving Assist (HDA), the front collision warning (“Forward Collision Avoidance Assist”, FCA – vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists), a second front collision warning (“Forward Collision Avoidance Assist”, FCA-JX – turning function) , the adaptive cruise control system with stop-and-go function (“Smart Cruise Control” l, SCC with Stop & amp; Go) the navigation-based cruise control system (“Navigation based Smart Cruise Control”, NSCC), the lane keeping assistant (“Lane Keeping Assist”) , LKA) including drowsiness warning (“Driver Attention Warning”, DAW) and the traffic jam assistant (“Lane Follow Assist”, LFA). In summary, this means that the accelerator and brake can be transferred to the vehicle in many situations, even taking into account the current speed limit. But even more is possible for a surcharge.

Highway Driving Assist II in a package for 2,700 euros

Optional is the Autobahn Assistant II (“Highway Driving Assist”, HDA II), which is available in the Air package for 2,700 euros, which also includes the active blind spot assistant with steering and braking intervention (“Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist”, BCA) incl. Rear cross-traffic warning system, which includes the emergency braking function (“Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist”, RCCA) and the exit assistant (“Safe Exit Assist”, SEA). The front collision warning (“Forward Collision Avoidance Assist” – turning function and cross traffic, FCA-JX/CROSS) and V2L (vehicle-to-load, charging of external devices such as e-bikes with a maximum of 3.6 kW) are included. The Air package is only standard in vehicles with the GT line, which costs 6,000 euros, and in the largest EV6 with a GT package.

HDA II steers according to level 2 with

The HDA II ensures that steering is also supported. The vehicle is not only kept in the lane, but actively follows the curve radius as long as the hands remain on the steering wheel. In the short test, the assistant performed its job as advertised within the scope of what is legally permitted, so that when driving hands-free, a first optical warning appears on the right in the driver's display after 10 seconds before further escalation levels follow. This is typical behavior, as it is also exhibited by other level 2 systems. While driving, it was helpful that the EV6, based on the navigation maps, reduced the speed early on before bends and then accelerated again to the set speed. Even that is not a revolution, but not a matter of course in this price range.

Blind spot assistant with cameras to the side

Kia has solved the problem of the blind spot in a helpful way. The BCA detects approaching vehicles in the blind spots and warns the driver if necessary to change lanes. If he tries anyway, steering and braking interventions are carried out automatically to avoid a collision. But first the blind spot assistant with monitor display (“BlindSpot View Monitor”, BVM), which is included in the Assist package for 990 euros or 1,790 euros in the Assist Plus package (GT line), which in turn is the Air or Comfort package provides a really cool visual preparation of the information by projecting the image of the corresponding side cameras of the car on the left or right into the driver's display when the left or right indicator is set. The circular display appears for the entire blinking process and works independently of the speed.

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When blinking, the blind spot assistant looks diagonally to the side
< img src = "/wp-content/uploads/6184ac7bed2a8c3203951777ac57fd30.jpg" /> When blinking, the blind spot assistant looks diagonally to the side

Head-up display with AR display

The optional head-up display with augmented reality functions as part of the Drive package (only in conjunction with the Air package) for 1,690 euros or 1,790 euros in the Assist Plus package for the GT line also exudes high tech. Previously found in the luxury segment, most recently in the S-Class (test), Kia now also has an AR display that projects navigation arrows onto the road around 7.5 m away in front of the car. In addition, the driver receives visual feedback from the sensors by projecting a line at the level of the car in front. This means that you can immediately see whether only the driver or the vehicle has recognized another road user. The head-up display also shows the most important status displays of the individual assistance systems to indicate whether they are active. The same bar can also be found at the top of the driver's display.

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Turning arrows in the head-up display with AR functions
Marking the car in front with a line
< img src = "/wp-content/uploads/aeced2fc7ad5399674b589647bf62fd9.jpg" /> Driver display with status displays for assistance systems at the top

First impression

With the Kia EV6, the editors were able to take a look at the E-GMP of the Hyundai Motor Group for the first time and familiarize themselves with the infotainment kit and the assistance systems. The EV6 delivers a convincing first impression on all three points, because the range of drives is modern and widely spread, the large infotainment system is standard and the likewise many standard assistance systems performed reliably on the short test drive.

< p class = "p text-width">The list of optional extras is clear and not excessive in terms of pricing. Although there are certain dependencies between the individual packages, the interlinking is limited and does not let the total price rise to the limit. If, for example, the basic model is to be supplemented by the HDA II, the blind spot assistant with monitor display, the remote parking assistant, the all-round view camera and the head-up display with AR, in order to receive the full equipment of the assistance systems, this requires the selection of the Air- , Assist and Drive packages for a total of 5,380 euros ahead – not little money, but still within reasonable limits. Taking all premiums into account, the costs of the basic model increase to 40,800 euros.

Kia EV6 (Image: Kia)

However, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are not available for an extra charge. Given the modern appearance of the EV6, it was surprising that this feature is not offered. Perhaps Kia will still be able to offer a corresponding solution for the top model with GT package expected at the end of 2022. The manufacturer explains that the first units of the smaller variants are already being delivered. The first buyers can look forward to an interesting newcomer among the electric cars.

ComputerBase received information about this product from Kia at an event organized by the manufacturer in Marbella. The costs for arrival, departure and an overnight stay in a hotel were borne by Kia. There was no influence on the part of the manufacturer or an obligation to report.

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