Former M leader's criticism of Reinfeldt: “A hell”


Published October 20, 2021 at 20.04

Domestic. Ulf Adelsohn, party leader of the Moderates in the 80s, is now harshly critical of his successor Fredrik Reinfeld and his “open your hearts” policy.

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The party still has “one hell” due to Reinfeldt's mistake, says Ulf Adelsohn in an interview with Göteborgs-Posten.

He points to Reinfeldt's decision to resign after the 2014 parliamentary election, despite the fact that none of the blocs had their own majority, as well as the subsequent December & shy; agreement & shy; agreement that was reached to keep the Sweden & shy; Democrats away from influence.

– The two things gave the Sweden Democrats an advantage that they now have a hell to take back. Two decisive political mistakes, signed Fredrik Reinfeldt, he says to GP.

For Aftonbladet, Ulf Adelsohn mentions a third big mistake, namely Reinfeldt's summer speech in 2014 that Swedes should “open their hearts” to mass immigration from the third world.

– It is clear that it did not go well. The reactions were very negative to this and it was not appreciated by the voters.

Adelsohn himself believes that Sweden should have a restrictive immigration policy. He tells Aftonbladet that very many ordinary Swedes vote for SD “for the simple reason that they have shared their opinion about immigration” and “that they were not allowed to express their opinion” about the problems.